Welcome to Ashford District Scouts DofE & Awards Unit

Ashford District Explorer Scouts have a thriving Unit dedicated to offering and supporting the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, as well as the parallel top Scouting Awards, to Explorer and Network Scouts.

The DofE Award is a well-designed programme that encourages all participants to discover their potential, try out new skills, develop their abilities and become team players and leaders. We have seen how participants grow in self-confidence, commitment and determination, and become prepared to take on new challenges.  Scouting promotes very similar values and skills, and so running the two schemes hand in hand enhances both.  

The DofE Award has three progressive levels. Training for Bronze can be started from 13 years, (Year 9 in school), so older Scouts can register. Silver can be started from 14½ and Gold from 16. Completion needs to be by the age of 25. All three levels require a commitment for a set period of time to three individual activities; volunteering, (such as helping with Cubs), a physical activity (like being in a football team) and a skill, (such as music or coaching). In addition, there is a hiking expedition, which increases in its demand from two days in local countryside at Bronze level, to four days in wilder terrain for Gold. A residential section is also required at Gold level. 

Because DofE and Scouting are so closely aligned, each of the DofE Awards can help you to achieve a parallel Scouting Award; the Chief Scout Platinum and Diamond Awards, and the coveted King’s Scout Award. 

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If you are interested in booking a place for our Bronze DofE Training Programme, commencing in November 2022, please get in touch. We will also be offering places for Silver and Gold DofE training and events.

Please provide as much information as possible and we will get in contact with you as soon as we can.


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